Empowering Naval Innovation

Pioneering the Future of Naval Security Through Advanced Innovative Collaboration

Advancing Naval Solutions with the FLEETWERX Innovation Hub

FLEETWERX, a DEFENSEWERX hub, is a non-profit organization working in close collaboration with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and the Naval Fleet and Force.

Our mission is to streamline the discovery, engagement, and acceleration of inventive solutions that fortify naval operations. Serving as a nexus, FLEETWERX bridges the gap between NPS, industry experts, academia, and the naval community to address pressing challenges faced by naval end-users.

FLEETWERX enhances defense education and applied research while empowering NPS students and faculty to accelerate "ideas-to-impact" at greater speed and scale by cultivating an ecosystem of industry, academic and defense partners.

Join us in this pivotal endeavor to bolster our nation's naval security.
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An F-35 in flight.

Mission + Vision

Our mission is to empower the discovery, engagement, and acceleration of inventive solutions that fortify naval operations.
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A 3d-printer performing additive manufacturing tasks using a metal substrate.A futuristic depiction of semiconductor technology.A lecture about advanced technologies with naval applications.An underwater drone.

Naval Integration

Promote the seamless transition of capabilities to Naval Fleet and Force end-users while enabling its effective transfer to the broader defense industry.
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Fleet Innovation

Drive innovation tailored to the needs of the Naval Fleet by cultivating a collaborative ecosystem with NPS and facilitating the proof of concept refinement of cutting-edge concepts.
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STE(A)M Advancement

Strengthen the workforce serving the Naval Fleet and Force, both now and in the future, through dedicated STE(A)M initiatives and development programs.
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Solution Discovery

Discover and expedite the implementation of novel solutions, ensuring alignment with the strategic goals of NPS and the broader Naval community, all through an approachable and dynamic platform.
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Areas of Focus

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Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionizing naval decision-making processes through machine learning and data-driven insights.
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5G Networks

Ensuring robust and high-speed communication for seamless naval coordination and real-time data transmission.
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Quantum S&T

Leveraging quantum mechanics to enhance encryption, communication, and computation capabilities for the Fleet.
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Autonomous Systems

Designing advanced systems that can operate with minimal human intervention, maximizing efficiency and operational capabilities.
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Developing novel technologies that operate at unparalleled speeds, ensuring precision and quick response in critical scenarios.
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Strengthening digital infrastructures to protect naval intelligence, operations, and communication in the digital realm.
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Space-based Capability

Enhancing naval dominance by integrating space technology, ensuring global reach and surveillance.
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Additive Manufacturing

Implementing rapid production techniques for on-demand equipment creation, promoting self-sufficiency and readiness for the Fleet.

Join us in our mission to enhance Fleet & Force operational effectiveness.

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