Sand Core Tooling

This project seeks to develop the necessary tech data to additively manufacture select sand cores. The AM process is expected to drastically decrease the number of defects caused by the tooling process.


The Department of Defense is constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its production processes. In line with this goal, the department has identified the need to replace the current sand core tooling process with a more advanced additive manufacturing (AM) process. This change aims to address the significant bottleneck caused by worn tooling and streamline the production of critical casting components. By adopting this cutting-edge technology, the Department of Defense is committed to enhancing its production capabilities and meeting the demands of modern warfare.


The objective for this project is to develop thetechnical data to replace select sand cores that are currently produced by atraditional tooling process with sand cores produced by an additivemanufacturing (AM) process. This will reduce defects and required weld repairs,eliminating a critical production bottleneck and creating surge capacity.

Event Updates

Opportunity Announcement

24 April 2024

Objective Strategic Session

8 May 2024 1500-1600 EST

Information "Office Hours" Session(s)

Submission Deadline(s)

20 May 2024 1700 EST


24 April 2024 to 20 May 2024 – White Paper Submissions Open

Interested respondents who could potentiallyprovide expertise/solutions that meet the needs of the Government Stakeholdersare to submit one (1) White Paper Submission for Government only review. Tosubmit the White Paper Submission, please follow the submission instructions atthe bottom of this event release.

8 May 2024 – Objective Strategic Session (OSS)

Potential performers have the opportunity to ask the Government Stakeholders about the desired Sand Core Tooling objectives. Government Stakeholders will provide further details in conversation.

20 May 2024 to 30 May 2024 – Government Review and Downselect

NPS will downselect respondents/submissions with the highest likelihood of satisfying their needs. All entities will receive a selection or non-selection notification o/a 30 May 2024.

June 2024 – Path Forward

Subsequently, selectees will participate in a discussion with NPS Subject Matter Investigators (SMIs) to learn more about the scope of work determined by the Government. Selectees will receive a formal Business-to-Business (B2B)Agreement and Statement of Effort (SOE) from DEFENSEWERX-FLEETWERX. Successfully negotiated awards may fall under (but are not limited to) any combination of these categories:

·       Business-to-Business (B2B) Agreement as a sub-award (15 U.S. Code, Section 3715)

·       Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (15 U.S. Code, Section 3710a)

·       Alternate mechanism of award/interaction as defined in discussions with Government.

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